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Reconciliation times

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Reconciliation times

Reconciliation (individually with a priest) is available at Sacred Heart Church - 50 Fairway Drive. Clear Island Waters.  Saturday afternoons from 4 pm until about 4.30 pm every Saturday. Please note that this weekly reconciliation is only at Sacred Heart church. For other times, please contact the parish to arrange an appointment, email:  [email protected]

Reconciliation times prior to Christmas (2023)


Weekdays after Mass - Mon - Fri (11-15th Dec.): 9.30am -10.30am - Sacred Heart Church, Clear Island Waters.

Saturday morning (16/12/23) -  Sacred Heart Clear Island Waters-  9am-10.30am. 

Also, special individual Reconciliations Saturday (16/12/23):  4pm Stella Maris , 4pm Sacred Heart, 

Sunday (17/12/23):  St Vincents, Surfers.  9am after the 8am Mass,  and 11 am after the 10am Mass.

**Please note there is not a special obligation to go to confession prior to Christmas. (Regular timely reconciliations are advised throughout the year). **

For other times, please contact the parish to arrange an appointment, email:  [email protected]
Helpful information re Reconciliation -  
With increased crowds and demands during the holiday times, please keep in mind that there is no obligation to go to confession in Advent or Christmas. Timely reconciliation throughout the year is the recommended alternative. Naturally, it is always the case that any serious sins need to be confessed as soon as possible at any time of the year.  Confession of venial sins at regular intervals through the year is encouraged as a rich spiritual grace and fortification. Other acts of penance,including participation in Eucharist, are also perfectly effective for the remission of venial sins. It best to utilise the less busy times for this spiritual practise. Annual confession and communion is a traditional practice during Lent and Easter, as you can see in number 2042 of the Catechism. Again, it is a highly recommended spiritual practise, but is never obligatory unless someone has committed serious sin.

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