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Catholics believe that God wants to be present with us as we live out our vocation in life, whether that be as a single person, a priest, member of a religious order, or as a married person. These vocations call us all to holiness, but some vocations also need us to take vows to each other and to God. The Sacrament of Matrimony – what we commonly refer to as marriage - is a ritual union between a man and a woman who freely vow to love and uphold each other in a promise with God for the rest of their lives. Marriage calls married couples to holiness and to bring forth new life. The marriage sacrament often takes place during the Eucharistic liturgy, or a Nuptial Mass, but this is not necessary and can be undertaken separately.

Weddings at Surfers Paradise Parish

Thank you for your inquiry about a Catholic wedding booking.  We look forward to meeting you both soon.

To speed up the procedure, so that the documents can be ready when we meet, please fill out our online application form (see link below) and press send online and that will help us generate the necessary documents.

Government and Church paperwork needs to be done from eighteen to six months prior to the date of the Wedding, so please provide us with the Baptism / Christening Certificates of both parties. (If one of the party is not baptised this is not a problem but one of the couple must be a Catholic). Birth Certificates must be originals. We can copy this here and you can have the original back.

The fee for this booking will be $1,250. This amount includes paperwork for the wedding, use of the church and a person who sets up and closes up, donation to the priest, an organist/vocalist, and flowers.

We require a deposit of $400 to hold this booking. The balance of your booking fee of $850 must be paid no later than one month prior to the date of marriage.

All couples intending to marry in the Archdiocese of Brisbane are required to fully prepare for marriage by attending some form of Pre-Marriage Education course.  We recommend Centacare,  (For more information, click here). If you reside elsewhere please contact your nearest Centacare Office.

Book a Marriage Preparation Course as soon as possible and undertake it. It is best to do the preparation course soon after booking this wedding. Please do not leave this until close to the wedding date. (This preparation is very important in the process).  

see the Centacare website:  (Other approved marriage preparation courses can be undertaken for people who live in areas where Centacare is not available). 


IF distance or time is a difficulty:  try this online course -

 (It is really important to undertake a marriage preparation course - irrespective of how long the couple has been contemplating marriage or how long they have been together).  

Please let us know of your completion of this requirement. We would appreciate receiving a copy of your letter/certificate of completion, for our file.

If you or your fiancé has been previously married and the prior partner is still living, please do not book a wedding until you have contacted the Regional Matrimonial Tribunal of the Catholic Church here.  We cannot do marriages of people previously married until they provide, where possible, a ‘freedom to marry’ letter from the tribunal.  

​If you are intending to bring your own priest to be celebrant, please inform the Parish Secretary when you make your booking. There are regulations surrounding this that must be adhered to.

After your ceremony the priest will present you with a ceremonial certificate commemorating your wedding.   Although this is on letterhead issued by the Commonwealth Government, this is a ceremonial certificate only and is not recognised by many legal entities as the official certificate. The official, legally registered wedding certificate can only be obtained by the married couple by applying, (after the wedding), for a registered copy of their marriage certificate.  This is obtainable from the Office of the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages, which may also have an online application process. Fees and necessary ID will be required by that Office.  The Priest-Celebrant posts a signed copy of the wedding document, within days of the wedding ceremony, to the Registrar's office, and only the Registrar can issue an official Registered Copy of the wedding certificate.   The priest of the parish cannot obtain one for you.  You may have a to wait several days before applying to the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages, for the Registrar's staff to process the forms.

Surfers Paradise Catholic Parish

Parish Administrator: Fr Paul

Archbishop: Most Rev Mark Coleridge

Parish Office Address:
50 Fairway Drive, Clear Island Waters, QLD, Australia

Parish Email:  [email protected]

Parish Office Phone: (07) 5671 7388

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 2 pm (except public Holidays) 

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